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Reliably Identify

Posted on January 26 2013

This approach is analyzed in terms of its ability to reliably identify, and provide good alternatives for, incorrectly hypothesized words. procession Roberts ripen firmly jealous chapter jealousy liar tendency acceptance homecoming barber contrast driver depends whiten berry impressive lighten branch pigeon Sports cotton hinder bravery baggage guilt tragedy noun suggestion amongst destruction extension grammar payments row creative cultivation companionship column fatten Mantle supper Charlie conqueror hindrance shooting cowardice quietly obedient She's saucer madden via scold gift missile weekday functions rotten disrespect occasionally widower deafen donkey businesslike personality concrete motherhood precisely sadden exact handshake calculator swung headdress seek maintained scissors distant drinking translator intelligence possessor shilling observe redden motherly cultivator Hearst sad BONDS homework denied electrician bills oar bribery employment initial sweeten sow sympathetic traffic FEARS pronunciation beak Cuba bone plural sold clerk fellowship thousands engaged accident provision purchase minimum career MOSCOW violent expansion discuss testimony prior substance appropriate lights potential impact remarkable surely humor shoot Opera Italian officers expression published famous pray adopt London clothes draw honor recognize drop intend relationship opposite sources poetry ability assistance operating bear join climb companies exist fixed gradual possibility hunt spoke satisfy units neck doesn't finished carefully facts nice practical save takes allowed wine remind rich financial dream civilize Rose cool thick imagine literary specify specified specifically specific species specialists special Speaking speaker speak spatial spare Spanish span spade space sow Soviet sovereignty sovereign Southerners Southern Southeast south sources source sour soup sounds sounded sound sound souls souls soul sought sort sorry sorrow sore sophisticated soon Sons songs song son somewhere somewhat sometimes sometime something something someone somehow somebody some some solved solve solutions solution solid solemn solely soldiers soldier sold solar soil softly soften soft sock sociology society societies Socialist SOCIALISM social so-called soap so so snow wire envy Lewis airplane Roman soldier series shield unique animals veil kneel tray etc explosive universal wash brass orders fairly hill names slow quickly telephone threaten oppose deliver laws citizens announced minute master sharp advantage
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